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What Is Learning Management System Software ?

Learning Management Systems Software (LMS) are platforms that provide organizations with the ability to train, instruct, manage and track learners. Information about the delivered content is collected and presented through reports. A good LMS takes care of all aspects of the learning process. Whatever the industry, an LMS can serve any business or educational institution […]



One of the most famous and widespread distance learning management systems is LMS Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment). Moodle is a successfully operating and continuously developing project, the organizer and ideologist of which is Martin Dougiamos from Australia. The First Version Of The LMS Software System system was released in August 2002, by the […]

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What Is LMS Software ?

LMS software or E-learning management, with an aim to meet the distance learning requirement of all life cycle of educational process, online classes, examinations, surveys, chats, assessment by the learners for conducting results and course selection and registration at the moment In addition, SAMIX e-learning software is standard in terms of product and capabilities of […]

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