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What Is LMS Software ?

LMS software or E-learning management, with an aim to meet the distance learning requirement of all life cycle of educational process, online classes, examinations, surveys, chats, assessment by the learners for conducting results and course selection and registration at the moment In addition, SAMIX e-learning software is standard in terms of product and capabilities of the world’s top online training methods and comparative study with the best e-learning and e-learning software in the world. and features, it has an advantage over all competing solutions. Multiple and varied technical capabilities, Samix LMS software is adapted to the local conditions and to the educational culture of the users. , Apart from these, the most prominent features of Sami

LMS Software Are As Follows

modular design
flexible development flexibility
customizable adaptability
Simple Attractive UI & UX Easy to Use
Standardized Design and Architecture
Fast and native implementation of swift and localized
Personalized Branding
Criterion 1 Public Notice

SPOT LMS ensures access to information for the learners. Information documents (internal rules, laws, objectives, instructions, recommendations, learner support, etc.) can be made available to learners at any stage of the training course through various educational materials (PDF, HTML, website materials, etc.). Reports that present training follow-up results indicators can be automatically distributed to platform users or shared with audiences outside the platform. Criterion 2 Purpose and Optimization of Services

Objectives can be described in an introductory section of the training path. The condition of a prerequisite makes possible the need for prior consultation of objectives for starting the training course. Implementation of situation test at the beginning of the training course allows the trainer to tailor the training to the learner. In SPOT LMS, objectives can be assessed using various tools like quizzes, tests and assignments in the form of files, videos or screenshots. The tutor can also assess the acquisition of skills through video conference or by interviewing the
learner during the virtual class. Analysis of the results by the instructor allows personal support in real time, Criterion 3 Public Reception,

Follow-up And Evaluation

In the initial part of the training course, information about the content of the training, syllabus and rules can be made available to the learners. SPOT LMS makes it possible to provide each learner with an academic context to allow individual and individual monitoring of the training curriculum. An automated notification system (relay or not by email) notifies and reminds the learner throughout the course. A
badge system incentivizes the learner and allows him to follow his progress. To ensure optimal monitoring of the learner’s progress, the

SPOT LMS provides a dedicated space for his/her activity. A personalized follow-up sheet provides information about the courses taken and their progress, late courses, working hours, results of quizzes and tests as well as certificates awarded. The results of quiz, test and homework can be viewed on the platform.


The SPOT LMS provides the possibility to generate the certificates of achievement and provide them (automatically or manually) as per the required criteria of success. , Criterion 4 Adequacy of means Spot LMS is a cloud-based e-learning platform that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. The platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Criterion 6 Being involved in one’s socio-professional environment

Spot LMS training allows employees of organizations to switch to a learner profile to train and acquire additional skills in their field of activity, regulations or educational and technological innovations.

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